Hindu Girl Abducted: Minor Taken Away, Married A Muslim Youth, Hindus Stage Protest In Front Of Zardari House In Nawabshah Zardari House besieged, married a Muslim youth, Hindus surrounded Zardari House

Atrocities against Hindus have increased once again in Pakistan. Now in Nawashahr, a case of abducting a 16-year-old girl, forcibly converting her and marrying a Muslim youth has come to the fore. Angered by this, Hindus protested outside the house of former President Asif Ali Zardari and demanded to put an end to such incidents and free the kidnapped Hindu girl.

Cases of forced conversion and kidnapping of Hindu girls keep coming to the fore in Pakistan. In this the tacit consent of the majority society is also clearly visible. There is an atmosphere of panic among Hindus due to the latest incident in Nawashahr. The name of the kidnapped girl is given as Kareena. It is alleged that Kareena was kidnapped six days ago from Unnar locality of Ahmed city. However, the police have denied the allegation of kidnapping.

SSP said – there was no kidnapping, the girl ran away

Protesters outside the former president’s house say the girl has been kidnapped, but Nawashahr SSP Amir Saud Magasi says that Kareena was not kidnapped, but eloped with Khaleel Rehman Zono of Mir Mohammad village Is. She has married Khaleel in a Karachi court. According to the report published in Dawn, Magasi told that on the complaint of Sundarmal, Khaleel’s father Asghar Jono has been arrested under Section 365-B. A case has been registered against Khaleel and Asghar. He has also shared the alleged nikahnama of Khaleel’s marriage. According to the police, Kareena will now be produced in the Sindh High Court. There she will be asked who she wants to be with.

Hindu Panchayat rejected the claim of SSP

On the other hand, Lajpat Rai of Hindu Panchayat has rejected the claim of the police. He said that the police registered a case, but they are not freeing the kidnapped girl. He has been forcibly converted.


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