Un Official Said Commercial Wheat Imports From India Key Supply Line For Yemen – Ukraine War: Exports of commercial wheat from India as a source of supply for Yemen, praised by UN Deputy Relief Chief Joyce Msuya

The world body has said that commercial wheat exports from India to Yemen have become an important source of supply in the wake of Ukraine’s war. UN Deputy Relief Chief Joyce Msuya said this after informing us about India’s export of more than 2.50 lakh tonnes of wheat to Yemen in the last three months.

Joyce Msuya, Assistant Secretary General for Humanitarian Affairs and Deputy Emergency Relief Coordinator acknowledged in her remarks that wheat consignments from India are providing a lifeline of supply for Yemen. He made this remark in response to the statement of Prakash Gupta, Joint Secretary, Ministry of External Affairs at the Council meeting. Gupta said India is providing financial aid and food grains to countries in need to mitigate supply changes in global markets and their adverse effects on food security. Joyce Msuya said, “We are excited by the positive dialogue between Yemen and the Government of India on wheat exports. Gupta thanked Msuya for mentioning India’s contribution in providing wheat to Yemen in the UN Security Council.

India expressed concern over the Ukrainian situation

India once again expressed deep concern over the situation in Ukraine and appealed to end hostilities while supporting efforts to alleviate suffering of the Ukrainian people. India particularly encouraged the Kyiv-Moscow dialogue. Speaking at the UNSC Araria-Formula meeting on Ukraine, Prateek Mathur, Counselor in the Permanent Mission of India to the United Nations, said, India is deeply concerned about the situation in Ukraine. He said, India has always been advocating for following the path of peace dialogue and diplomacy.

Iran to supply armed drones to Russia: US

The White House said it believes Russia intends to acquire hundreds of unmanned aircraft (UAVs), including drones capable of carrying weapons, from Iran for the ongoing war in Ukraine. US NSA Jake Sullivan said, “It is not yet clear whether Iran has provided unmanned systems to Russia, but we have information that Iran is planning to train Russian forces in drone operations this month.” These include drones in front of carrying weapons. He said this at a time when Biden is going to visit Israel and Saudi and during this visit he is going to discuss Iran’s nuclear program and its chaotic activities in the region.

Russian President Putin will visit Iran next week

Russian President Vladimir Putin will visit Iran next week. Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peshkov said Putin would travel to Tehran next Tuesday to attend a trilateral meeting with the leaders of Iran and Turkey. Issues related to Syria will be discussed in this meeting. Peshkov said that during the visit Putin will also hold separate meetings with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoan.

Zelensky will reshuffle the cabinet amid the war

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has announced that he will soon reshuffle the cabinet amid the war with Russia. He said that this decision has been taken to strengthen foreign policy and prevent corruption. After Zelensky’s statement, it is believed that Ukraine’s foreign minister may be changed. Recently, Zelensky had instructed to remove his ambassadors from nine countries including India.

Ukraine attacked with American Himaras, 52 Russian soldiers killed

Ukraine said on Tuesday that it attacked Nova Kakhovka in Russian-held Kherson with a long-range rocket from the US, killing 52 Russian soldiers. Ukraine claimed that a Russian ammunition depot located here was also destroyed using mobile artillery Himaras received from the US.

On the other hand, a Russian official in Kherson said, the attack was carried out on civilian areas and in this seven civilians were killed, while 60 were injured. Russia occupied the region only after the attack on Ukraine on 24 February. The route to the Black Sea is through Kherson, from where Ukraine exports grain. The Ukrainian government recently pledged to free its territory from Russian occupation with a force of one million soldiers.

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