Top 5 Trp Show Update Anupamaa Yeh Hai Chahatein Bhagya Lakshami Imile Serial 11 July 2022 Written Update – Tv Serials Update: A storm will come in Anupama’s life… Manjari will break the fast of Teej, read today’s serial update

The small screen always keeps the audience hooked, because every day some or the other spicy twist keeps coming in the serial world. There was such a tremendous craze of watching TV shows that often the viewers leave all the work and watch their favorite serial first. Due to this, the audience gets so attached to the characters of the serial that they are desperate to see the next episode. The audience is very excited to know what is going to happen next in the serial. Even at this time, high-voltage drama is being seen fiercely in TV shows. So from Anupama to Tamarind and Bhagya Lakshmi, let us know what is going to happen next in which serial?


High voltage drama is going on in serial Anupama for many days regarding Pakhi and more but now the makers are going to bring a new twist for the audience on 11th July. Which might be surprising. While Anupama is entangled in relationships at this time, Anuj is also very worried about property and money. Kapadia umpire has all the authority in the hands of Anupama, in such a situation Anuj fears that someone might get his name done by cheating or blackmailing him. So when the two meet at the dance academy, Anuj tells Anupama that whatever happens, she will not give this right to anyone at any cost. Only then will Anuj get a deadly attack.

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This time in the serial ‘Yeh Hai Chahatein’ where Armaan is thinking that his plan is going to be successful and Sanskar is angry with Rudra. In the upcoming episodes, Pihu will be seen reuniting Rudra and Preesha. While she tells Rudra that you will wear old clothes, she tells Preesha that will you meet my father. Preesha agrees to this and she along with Pihu goes to meet Rudra.

Bhagya Lakshmi

A big twist will be seen in the upcoming episodes of Serial Bhagya Laxmi. Rishi brought Balwinder home. He tells Virendra that not only Balwinder, there is someone else involved who wants to defame Laxmi and the entire family. After which it will be known further whether Balwinder will bring out Malishka’s truth or not.


In the upcoming episode of Tamarind, Tamarind and Aryan will disguise themselves to save the girl child. From where Tamarind says that she is a government officer and has come to investigate. After this, Aryan and Tamarind are about to run away with the girl, but at the same time the bouncers see them.


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