Top 5 Trp Show Update Anupamaa Yeh Hai Chahatein Bhagya Lakshami Ghum Hain Kisi Ke Payaar Main14 July 2 – Tv Serials Update: Aarohi will insult Akshara and Balwinder will tell the truth of Malishka, read today’s serial update

Fans get to see the craze about the big screen only at the time of the release of a film, but there is daily excitement among the audience regarding the small screen as the makers keep on coming up with a new and spicy twist with every new episode. . The world of serials mostly consists of family stories, so fans feel very close and eager to know the story of the next episode. At this time, from Anupama to Zee TV’s Bhagya Lakshmi, there are tremendous explosions in the serials. So let’s know which serial has today’s update.

Bhagya Lakshmi

In the current track of Serial Bhagya Laxmi, efforts are on to get Balwinder to reveal the truth. Today in Bhagya Laxmi Balwinder will tell the truth of Malishka to everyone. After which the sage will say that the truth of Balwinder was revealed long ago but you can do this, I can’t believe it. Although Malishka says that she did not do any such thing. On the other hand Neelam will also tell Malishka that don’t expect me. At the same time, Laxmi will also be seen taking a class on Malishka as she tried to defame her.

what is this relationship called

In the serial Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai, Aarohi will be seen losing her cool and will be following Akshara. When Akshara tells him that she understands his pain, then Aarohi cannot understand my pain because you have got everything. You complained to me and got my license canceled. I have never seen a jealous girl like you. Akshara is going to be shocked after hearing this.


In the serial Anupama, the adopted daughter of younger Anu ie Anuj and Anupama has come home, after which there is chaos in the Kapadia family as well as the Shah family. Pakhi will show everyone’s photo that mother has adopted a daughter, after which Toshu will say that when she is about to become a grandmother, how can mom do this. At the same time, Barkha will also question Anuj on adopting a child and hiding this fact, after which Anuj will remind her that Barkha also hid her pregnancy at the time of Sara’s birth.

missing someone’s love

In the current track of Gum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein, Pakhi and Bhavani will also get stuck with the people, but Virat refuses to fulfill the demands of the goons while he threatens to kill all the hostages. Virat gets upset. As soon as the doctor tries to call the police, the goon kills him. That is, this episode is going to be very exciting for the audience.


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