The Kashmir Files: Anupam Kher Visited A School In Delhi Students Discuss With Him About Movie – The Kashmir Files

Apart from his film and acting, actor Anupam Kher is also very active on social media. He is often seen here giving opinion on social issues. Along with this, he also shares his social activity. Recently Anupam Kher went to a girls school in Delhi. Here he met the schoolgirls. During this, school girls praised the actor’s film ‘Kashmir Files’. Anupam Kher has shared a video of this on social media.

It can be seen in the video that Anupam Kher is in a school. There are school girls around here and some teachers with them. Anupam Kher is seen asking questions to the girls and wishing them all the best. During the conversation some of the girls start discussing the film ‘Kashmir Files’. However, the teacher is seen saying in the middle that this is what these people are saying since morning. I am speaking ‘Samarsh’, but it is ‘Kashmir Files’. After this a girl says, ‘Because there is truth in it.’ On this Anupam Kher asks the student, ‘What the truth?’ The student is seen saying, ‘There was no politics in that. Showed what it was. Which we realized how much people had to suffer at that time. After this the teacher present there said, ‘While these people did not know anything about the massacre. It is only because of you that he could be associated with that film. After this Anupam Kher wished the children good luck.

Anupam Kher shared this video on his official Twitter account. While tweeting this, he wrote the caption, ‘It was also comforting to hear about ‘Kashmir Files’ from these school girls in Delhi and also relieved that the young generation of our country has the ability to understand the truth and be influenced by the truth. can. My heart was grateful to hear the praise from him. Thank you very much!’ This video of Anupam Kher is becoming very viral on social media.

Let us inform that this film of Anupam Kher was released in March this year. The film has achieved tremendous success at the box office. From its release in theaters to OTT, the audience has appreciated this film very much.


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