Sushmita Sen Lalit Modi Affair Bhojpuri Actress Chandani Singh Inspired By Miss Universe News In Hindi

Former Miss Universe and Bollywood actress Sushmita Sen, who is in discussions about her beauty, has suddenly come into the limelight for her love life. IPL founder Lalit Modi surprised everyone by suddenly revealing his relationship with the actress yesterday, July 14, after breaking up with Rohman Shawl six months ago. As soon as this new relationship was announced, it has grabbed the limelight of the whole day. But now in this report we are going to tell you something different from the relationship between Sushmita and Lalit Modi. Yes, we are going to introduce you to a Bhojpuri actress who considers Sushmita Sen as her inspiration. We are talking about Bhojpuri industry’s actress Chandni Singh.

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The smallest and the biggest person considers some person as the inspiration of his life. Considering the same person as an inspiration, that person moves forward in his life. Of course, you must also consider someone as your idol and Bhojpuri actress Chandni Singh has done the same thing. Chandni Singh also considers many big Bollywood actresses as her inspiration and one of them is Sushmita Sen. Seeing Sushmita, Chandni gets the courage to move forward in her life. Apart from Sushmita, she follows Malaika Arora and Bengali Bala i.e. Bipasha Basu from Bollywood. She remains very much motivated by these three actresses of the industry.

fitness fever

Like other Bhojpuri actresses, Chandni is also very serious about her fitness. It would not be wrong to say that Chandni has become a fitness freak. Due to fitness, he was inclined towards these three actresses of Bollywood. Actually, Chandni made up her mind to maintain the figure after watching the workout videos on the social media handles of Sushmita, Malaika and Bipasha. Seeing the photos and videos of these actresses, Chandni was worried about what would happen to her figure, after which she decided to stay fit.

youtube star is chandni

Seeing their videos, Chandni Singh wished to make workout videos like her favorite actresses and post them on social media too. However, till now he has not posted any video. But her fans are sure that she will definitely do it. Chandni has worked with Bhojpuri stars Khesari Lal and Ritesh Pandey. Not only this, he is also a YouTube star.


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