Sushmita Sen Lalit Modi Affair Actress Reaction On Social Media Fans Said Please Stay Away From Him

As soon as Lalit Modi posted his photos with Sushmita Sen on social media on Thursday, the pictures went viral like fire. People thought that both of them got married. But after a while, Lalit Modi tweeted again saying that if the marriage is not done yet, it is as if Sushmita’s loved ones have come to life. Currently both are dating each other. There were a lot of comments from people on this picture but Sushmita Sen has reacted on the news of marriage today.

Sharing a picture with her daughters, Sushmita Sen wrote, ‘I am in a happy place…neither married…no ring…surrounded by unconditional love…have clarified. back to focus on work…thanks for always supporting me in my happiness…I love you guys’. After this post of the actress, a lot of user reactions are coming on it. One person said – no explanation is needed in any way…just be happy. Many people have even advised Sushmita to stay away from Lalit Modi.

One person commented and said – Finally the queen spoke beautifully. At the same time, the other person said – You have broken many hearts, but I will still love you. Another person said- Thank God…Please stay away from Lalit Modi. A user asked Sushmita Sen- ‘Sushmita, have you left your old boyfriend, are you currently hanging out with Lalit Modi’. Apart from this, many reactions have also come to the fore.

Let us tell you that on Thursday, Lalit Modi has also changed his profile photo after the news of dating. In his bio, he has described Sushmita as a partner in crime. Let us tell you that Sushmita has dated Rohman Shawl for about two and a half years before Lalit Modi. The two had a breakup last year. Even before this, she has been in a relationship with many people.

A woman named Mohua Chinappa wrote a long post for Sushmita on her social media. He said- Excited to see the pictures of Sushmita with Lalit Modi. I didn’t know that Sush has broken up with his Kashmiri boyfriend, he was very cute with Sush. Now the goal has shifted…Lalit is not my favorite name…It doesn’t sound that foreign. I have always admired Sushmita as a woman. He further wrote – We saw her with Randeep Hooda, she is very sexy. All the people Sush lived with, most of them got married, but Sush’s daughter survived… they were either more intelligent or very sexy. Randeep was both, but he was not very successful… Lalit is a fugitive but intelligent and successful.


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