Shaktimaan Star Mukesh Khanna Shares His Take On Bollywood Vs South Cinema And Hollywood

Although there has been a slight improvement in the collection of Bollywood films at the box office in recent times, but South and Hollywood films are consistently performing well. Be it ‘RRR’ Pushpa or KGF 2. While South Indian films have earned a lot, now Marvel Studios’ film ‘Thor the Love and Thunder’ is also doing tremendous collection. Now veteran actor Mukesh Khanna has spoken in detail on this whole matter and has given the reason behind Bollywood’s lagging behind South and Hollywood films.

Actor Mukesh Khanna has released a video in which he talks about Bollywood films lagging behind at the box office. Mukesh Khanna is the first to say, “Bollywood breathless”. Such news is not new. After this Mukesh Khanna said that recently many South films like RRR, Pushpa came and did amazing business. Despite the language being different, dubbed films beat us, it is a matter of thinking.

Apart from this, Mukesh Khanna also spoke about the casting of Akshay Kumar in the film Prithviraj and compared films like Bahubali and Robot to the film Prithviraj, saying that the film was made with Akshay Kumar about such a big subject Prithviraj but Didn’t think about casting. The snake is gone and is hitting with sticks. The director gives his version, that’s why this film didn’t work. The audience rejected the film, as the physical casting was not taken into account.

Mukesh Khanna further says that Akshay Kumar cannot look like a historical character in any way, he is a good actor… has worked with me. Dedicated hai…hard working…finishes a film in four months. Sometimes it finishes in forty days, but Prithviraj is not a film to finish in forty days. You put a year in it but put in the hard work. Regarding Akshay’s fake mustache, he said that the look requires hard work.

Apart from this, Mukesh Khanna said on the backwardness of Bollywood films that there is discipline in the stars of South. Those people think original, but it is not so here. Here one also has to find the cast and lead actors. They spend 45-45 minutes on the phone. Apart from this, talking about the reason behind Bollywood films lagging behind at the box office, he said that distributors should come forward, and Bollywood should learn from South, wake up and think big.


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