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Movie Review

Well done Mithu


Taapsee Pannu, Vijay Raj, Shilpa Marwah, Inayat Verma, Kasturi Jagnam, Mumtaz Sarkar, Brijendra Kala, Devdarshini and etc.


priya avene

the director

Srijit Mukherjee

the creator

Viacom18 Studios


15 July 2022

‘Yato hasta: tato drishti, yato drishti tato manah, yato manah: tato bhavaah, yato bhava: tato rasah’ means where there are hands, there should be sight. Where there is an eye, there must be a mind. Where there is mind, there will be emotion. And, if there is emotion, then the juice will come. This is also the basic mantra to prove your skill in any area of ​​life. Little Mithu is learning this early life lesson in Bharatanatyam. There, a spoiled child, Noori, is brought there. Mithu could not teach her Bharatanatyam. Yes, Noori definitely teaches him to play cricket. Little Mithu is judged by the neighbour’s capable coach Sampath at first sight. He starts rubbing her. If Mithu is unable to keep his foot in the crease, then he also puts a nail in the shoe. And, after coming home, they also tie ice on his swollen feet. Who else can get a better movie than this on the very next day of Guru Purnima? The outside hand is hurt, this is the relationship between the guru and the disciple, like a potter and a pitcher.


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