Rakhi Sawant To Sambhavna Seth And Seema Singh, These 5 Actresses Did Bhojpuri Item Songs

There is a lot of craze among people these days regarding Bhojpuri films. Apart from this, some new Bhojpuri song keeps on releasing every day, while in parties, many times people dance fiercely on the songs of Bhojpuri cinema. The songs of Bhojpuri films are very loud music, after listening to which people are forced to dance, but in Bhojpuri cinema, item songs are also filmed like Bollywood, in which well-known actresses have shown tremendous dance moves. So let’s know who are these actresses.

Sambhavna Seth

Actress Sambhavna Seth has shown her power in item songs of Bollywood films. Along with this, she is also known in Bhojpuri film industry for her tremendous dance moves on item numbers. She has appeared in songs like ‘Tuk Tuk Dekhe Mohe Dilwale’, ‘Uthela Dardiya’, ‘Chocolate Jawaani’.

Priyanka Pandit

Actress Priyanka Pandit is also known for her scintillating dance moves in item songs along with acting. She has made people crazy with her scintillating dance on songs like ‘Husn Ke Bagiya Hari Bhari’, ‘Sara Bihari Fan’ and ‘Order Pe Murder Kare’.

Rakhi Sawant

Everyone is aware about actress Rakhi Sawant, who is called drama queen. She has spread her dance in many hit item songs of Bollywood, but with this she has also worked with Bhojpuri actors. Rakhi has given a hit item number like ‘Laga Navratan Tel’ in Bhojpuri. At the same time, she has also worked in many other regional languages.

Seema Singh

Actress Seema Singh is known for her stellar performances, but apart from this she has also given bang item songs to the Bhojpuri industry. Seema Singh has danced on item songs like ‘Balmua Tohre Khatri’, ‘Lajjo’, ‘Dil Ta Pagal Hola’.


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