Rakhi Sawant Speaks Over Sri Lanka Crisis Mentions Pm Narendra Modi Name To Save Her Life, Get Troll – Rakhi Sawant

Drama queen Rakhi Sawant often remains in the headlines due to her statements. Now a video of Rakhi Sawant is becoming increasingly viral on social media, in which she is talking about the economic crisis of Sri Lanka. In the video, Rakhi is also seen referring to PM Narendra Modi. It is to be known that these days Sri Lanka is going through an economic crisis.

Actually, Rakhi Sawant has been called for an event in Colombo, but she is scared seeing the situation in Sri Lanka. In the video, Rakhi is seen saying that the economy war is going on. He grabbed me and asked for something from Modi ji, so that we have kept your Rakhi here. Brother, I am very scared, you understand? You as if they caught me and said that we will not leave Rakhi and told Modi ji that if you give so much money, what will I do?

Next to this Rakhi says that then Modi who will have to give all the money of India to free me, Modi ji can do anything for me. Like it is said that India is a golden bird for Modi ji, so I am the Kohinoor diamond of India. Now Rakhi is getting trolled a lot about her statement. One user commented, ‘No one will even take them for free’, then another said, ‘Are they mentally ill?’

Let us tell you that Rakhi often comes under the target of trolls due to her statements. At the same time, talking about Sri Lanka, Sri Lanka is facing the worst economic crisis in the last seven decades. Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe has also said that Sri Lanka is now bankrupt. The Prime Minister’s successor will be announced on Friday. People in Sri Lanka have also struggled to buy everyday things.


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