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President Of India Ramnath Kovind Addresses The Nation A Day Before Demitting Office News In Hindi

India’s President Ram Nath Kovind delivered an address to the nation on Sunday, a day before he stepped down. Talking about his experiences, Kovind said, “After meeting many countrymen, my belief was strengthened that our people are the real nation builders. Our future is secure in the hands of such great countrymen.”

The President said, “When I was trying to understand my future as a child in my small village, it was only a short time before I got freedom. I was hopeful that I too would make some contribution in nation-building. The strength of India’s democracy is that it opens doors for citizens to do anything.”

He said, “If a man from a village in Kanpur countryside is addressing you today, it is a testament to the vibrancy of India’s democracy. Recently, Prime Minister also came to my village and raised the value of the village.

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