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Movie Review

Girl: The Dragon Girl


Pooja Bhalekar, Partha Suri, Abhimanyu Singh, Tian Long Xi and Rajpal Yadav


Ramgopal Varma

the director

Ramgopal Varma

the creator

T Naresh Kumar, Sridhar T and Jing Liu

Release Date:

15 July 2022

Ram Gopal Varma has been an experimental filmmaker on subjects. From the film ‘Shiva’ on college campus violence to the martial arts film ‘Girl: The Dragon Girl’, she has maintained the name of cinema for most of her life. He has a different way of presenting female characters on screen. He was fascinated by Sridevi for a long time. Her every definition of beauty emerges from the camera as Sridevi. But, this style of his being his identity is now becoming unformed. His approach to choosing the story is the same in the film ‘Girl: The Dragon Girl’ as in the film ‘Ram Gopal Varma Ki Aag’ made on his insistence. According to Verma, making a film on martial arts has been a very old dream of Ram Gopal Varma. In the silence of Goa, he met Pooja Bhalekar and made this film ‘Girl: The Dragon Girl’.


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