Khatron Ke Khiladi 12: Rubina Dilaik And Nishant Bhat Performs Electric Shock Task In A New Promo

Whenever the name of a reality show comes, fun and fights come first in our hearts and minds. Often in celebrity based reality shows, we get to see full of fun and fights. If there is no fun in the show, then that show becomes boring after some time. One such show is currently being successful in grabbing everyone’s attention. We are talking about the stunt based reality show ‘Khatron Ke Khiladi 12’. Every day something or the other is happening in this show, seeing which the interest of the audience is increasing in it. Everyday contestants have to face many dangerous stunts in Khatron Ke Khiladi. Once again in this show, a star contestant is seen doing something that will shake our souls. But even while doing the stunts, his actions are forcing everyone to laugh. This video of him doing stunts on social media is going viral very fast.

hair-raising promo

Rohit Shetty is constantly forcing the contestants to do dangerous stents in this show that has been making headlines ever since its airing. Recently, the makers have shared a new video of it on their official Instagram handle, in which Rubina Dilaik and Nishant Bhatt are seen performing stunts as dangerous as Rooh Kampane. In the latest promo released, Rubina and Nishant are being given electric shocks, yet both have to open the lock with the key. While doing this, while Nishant remembers God, Rubina’s scream comes out of fear. Seeing these antics of both, along with Rohit standing there, the laughter of the fans is not stopping.

Fans came in support of Rubina

Sharing the promo, Colors wrote, ‘Will Nishant and Rubina be able to overcome this challenging threat, filled with shock waves?’ Responding to this, the fans of one of the favorite daughters-in-law of TV, Rubina Dilaik are fully supporting her. He is constantly encouraging his favorite contestant and commenting that ‘Boss lady will definitely complete this stunt’.

Rubina was seen doing catfight

Recently, during the elimination task in ‘Khatron Ke Khiladi’, the fight between Jannat and Rubina had made a lot of headlines. There was a fierce fight between two popular TV actresses Rubina Dilaik and Jannat Zubair in the ‘Lock and Key’ task. During this, Jannat had taunted Rubina that she had not made any effort in the ‘Lock and Key’ task. Due to this taunt, Jannat had become a victim of trolling badly.


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