Kajol Takes Sly Dig At Bollywood Obsession With 24 Inches Waistline And A 36 Inches Chest – Kajol: ‘His waist size is not 28 inches…’ Why did Kajol’s statement raise questions on Bollywood?

Bollywood actress Kajol is known for her bubbly style. But it is also true that Kajol keeps her opinion openly on every issue. Recently, Kajol gave an interview in which the actress talked about her physical appearance in Bollywood from OTT platforms. In this interview, Kajol told that there was a time when a career could be made in films only by physical appearance, but OTT has changed everything.

Kajol said that OTT has changed the game of many actresses. There was a time when it was quite easy for films to be successful because only theaters used to be the only source of entertainment. But now it is not so. Actresses are getting exposure. Today everyone has work through OTT. Kajol also said that in today’s time there are many such artists, who have been given a stage by OTT where they are showing their talent.

The actress further said that now she is becoming a star on her own terms. Of course their waist is not 24 inches or chest is not 36 and 46. Kajol is not very active on social media. Talking about social media, Kajol said that earlier only famous people used to come on the big screen. But today things have changed. There are many ways to be famous today. You can be famous from making hair to making nails. The word fame has become quite common nowadays.

Let us tell you that after Bollywood, Kajol is now going to step into the world of OTT. Several reports have claimed that Kajol has been approached for Netflix’s web series ‘Lust Stories 2’. Its first part was streamed on OTT in the year 2018. Four stories were shown in this series, in which bold scenes were served. These scenes also created a ruckus among the fans. In such a situation, now if Kajol is seen in the second part of this series, then it will be a treat for the fans.


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