Jitendra Kumar Jaadugar Movie Is Real Or Fiction Know About Neemuch Football Connection Know Neemuch’s football connection

Jitendra Kumar is a big name in the digital world. He is counted among the brightest actors. Recently his film ‘Jadugar’ has been released on the OTT platform Netflix. In this film, Jitendra is seen playing football with magic. Directed by Sameer Saxena, the film has received mixed reactions. Some people are praising the film, while some say that the magic of the secretary of the panchayat has not worked this time. In the midst of all this, today we are going to tell you how real the story of the film is and what is its connection with Neemuch.

what is the story of the film

The actor is seen in the role of Meenu in the film. Meenu loves magic. Meanwhile, a girl enters his life. The two fall in love and then comes the twist in the story. To find his love, he has to prove his talent on the football field. This is not the first time that love and sports have been mixed together in a film. Even before this, the cocktail of love and sport has been shown in many films. Let us tell you that the story of ‘Magician’ is completely filmy.

What is Neemuch’s football connection?

This district of Madhya Pradesh is very famous because of sports. Neemuch is considered to be the stronghold of football. The people here have a great passion for football. News of football competitions in Neemuch city is often read in newspapers. This is the reason why the director could not find any better place than this city to show the story of football in the film.

Significantly, Jitendra, who studied engineering, has made a place in the hearts of people in the acting world in a very short time. In his career, he has worked in more web series than films. He is known for web series like Kota Factory, Permanent Roommates, Panchayat. Apart from web shows, he has also appeared in films like ‘Shubh Mangal Zyada Saavdhan’ ‘Chaman Bahar’.


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