Jaadugar Movie Review In Hindi By Pankaj Shukla Jitendra Kumar Movie Arushi Sharma Manoj Joshi Javed Jaffery

Movie Review



Jitendra Kumar, Aarushi Sharma, Manoj Joshi, Javed Jaffrey and etc.


biswapati government

the director

Sameer Saxena

the creator

Posham Pa Pictures



Jitendra Kumar has a distinct fan base in the digital entertainment world. It has been expanding from ‘Kota Factory’ to ‘Panchayat’. OTT people are also his fans and Jitendra Kumar is liking this. He is the new Amol Palekar of fictional stories and just like Amol Palekar, Jitendra Kumar is seen in every character of these stories. Stories are being written keeping this personality in mind. The DNA of each of his characters is the same. Small town young man. Colorful dreams floating in the eyes. Struggling to fulfill these dreams and on the pretext of this struggle, the camera revolves on the common life of small towns. If village Fakauli of ‘Panchayat’ series is changed to Neemuch and Sachivji is asked to do magic in the village after taking him out of the Panchayat office, then the film becomes ‘Jadugar’. The achievement of Jitendra Kumar in this film is that he is the hero of a film whose name was made by Amitabh Bachchan in the year 1989.


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