India Criticized On The Progress Of The Un Security Council Reform Talks Said Could Go On For Another 75 Years – Unsc

India has criticized the decision of the United Nations General Assembly to move the intergovernmental talks on Security Council reform to the next session. India insisted that talks on Security Council reform could continue for another 75 years without any progress. Abdullah Shahid, president of the 76th session of the UN General Assembly, also told the meeting that reforms in the Security Council were necessary and it was already too late.

The 193-member General Assembly passed an oral draft on reform of the United Nations Security Council (UNSC), taking the Inter-Governmental Dialogue (IGN) process forward to the 77th session. The 77th session will begin in September this year. In charge of India’s Permanent Mission to the UN, R. Ravindra said that India is firm on its stand that the decision to go ahead with IGN should not be reduced to mere technical exercise. He said that he sees this technical exercise to take IGN forward as another missed opportunity, which has not made any progress in the last four decades.

The improvement process is essential

India’s Permanent Mission-in-Charge to the United Nations R. Ravindra stressed it is now clear that without an authorized record of proceedings in its present form and modus operandi, IGN can continue for many years in the direction of genuine improvement. But the ‘GA Rules of Procedure’ will have to be implemented. He emphasized that without the reform process, all countries are not being properly represented in the Security Council.

The Practical Way to Look Beyond IGN

India said, “As a responsible member of the United Nations, we will continue to engage in this process with our partners who support reforms and will continue to strive to convert it into written dialogue rather than speeches.” India said, “For members who genuinely want to fulfill the early and comprehensive commitment of our leaders to Security Council reforms, the only viable path now may be to look beyond the IGN.”

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