If You Are Watching This Type Of Videos On Mobile Be Alert You May Be Hacked

Although there is a ban on adult content in India, but despite this, people are watching secretly for it. All the telecom companies of the country have also banned porn, child porn etc. on their network after the order of the government. Usually, those who watch porn on the phone think that if they are watching in private mode, then no one is aware, but the truth is opposite. The truth is that even though you may not be tracked while you are watching any other content, when you watch porn, thousands of AI bots keep an eye on you at the same time. Let us understand how your tracking is done and what are the disadvantages of this tracking?

The first thing is that whenever you see such content, your mobile service operator first gets its information and the apps lying in your phone, during that time keep an eye on you like an intelligence agency, that means your complete Browsing history is tracked.

You are tracked according to your browsing pattern and your social media profiles are also scanned. After this, it is decided which ad to be shown to you. If you are addicted to porn, then only ads related to it will be shown to you.

First look at paid service people

Those who are willing to pay money to watch porn are the first to be targeted. From such people, their bank account details are taken at the same time when they are making the payment. Your credit and debit cards can also be misused.

Malware can be put in your phone

If you visit porn sites or download files, then there is a full risk of malware being inserted in your phone. You can also be spied on later through this malware and you can be blackmailed by threatening to make your private photos public.


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