Ghar Wapasi: Meet The Family Of Dwivedis Of Disney Plus Hotstar New Web Series Directed By Ruchir Arun

A new web series ‘Ghar Wapsi’ is coming soon on ‘Disney + Hotstar’ to entertain the audience. Produced by ‘Hotstar’ and ‘Dice Media’, this series is a family drama, whose trailer was released recently. The trailer shows the elder son of a family fulfilling his family responsibilities by going to his home town after losing his job. This six episode short web series stars Akanksha Thakur, Atul Srivastava, Vibha Chhibber, Saad Bilgrami and Anoushka Kaushik in lead roles. They are shown in the series as a Dwivedi family, who face the problems in life together. The family consists of parents, elder son, younger son and a younger sister. Directed by two-time National Award winning director and writer Ruchir Arun, ‘Ghar Wapsi’ can be streamed on Hotstar from July 22. In such a situation, we are going to introduce you to every member of the Dwivedi family in this report.

the star of everyone’s eyes

Played by ‘Vishal Vashisht’ in the series, 28-year-old Shekhar Dwivedi is the eldest of the siblings. Shekhar is a motivated and ambitious person, he takes himself and his things seriously. Along with this, he also works hard for success. Shekhar was an educated child from the beginning, which his parents give to his younger siblings. Shekhar’s parents have been proud of him since childhood. However, Shekhar is not at all convinced of this.

school teacher mom

Madhuvanti Dwivedi, a mother of three, is the fevicol of the Dwivedi family that keeps her together. The character played by Vibha Chhibber is that of a seasoned housewife, who wants to know about every little thing in the life of her children. Not only this, she also wants to control the life of her children. Also he is tough. Besides being a good mother, she is a good wife and a middle school tuition teacher. This job of tutoring teacher is perfectly suited for her character.

happy dad

This character of Ratanlal Dwivedi played by Atul Srivastava is completely different from his wife Madhuvanti Dwivedi in the show. While Madhuvanti is a controlling mother, Ratanlal is a calm father. His only wish is to hand over his travel agency Paradise Travels to his son before retiring. At 58, he is more concerned about his plants than his children. Due to his love for plants, he is often depicted in shows lovingly talking to plants in his garden.

root of troubles

The second son of the Dwivedi family, 25-year-old Sanju is a loose person. The character of Sanju is played by Saad Bilgrami. In the show, Sanju sometimes helps his father in the family business. He has been an average child since the beginning, while also being the root of his family’s troubles. He is always ready to take shortcuts in life. That’s why he gets involved in schemes to get rich quickly.


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