Dearnothing Trending On Twitter After Nothing Phone 1 Launched Why Nothings South Indian Fanbase Is Unhappy

OnePlus co-founder Carl Pei’s new company Nothing Phone 1 has launched its first smartphone. With the launch of Nothing Phone 1, the ruckus has started. #DearNothing has started trending on Twitter. This hashtag is currently trending at number two. Actually, Nothing is being opposed through #DearNothing and it is completely related to the sale of the phone. Let’s know about this whole matter….

#DearNothing What happened after all?

#DearNothing is trending on Twitter after a video surfaced by a YouTube channel named Prasadtechintelugu. A video from the channel shows the unboxing of Nothing Phone 1 which has a letter with an empty box. This entire video is fake and the letter in the box is also fake, on which it is written, “Hi Prasad, this device is not for South Indian people. Thank you,”. Hi Prasad, This tool is not for South Indian people. thank you..



What is the matter after all?

Actually, this channel has made an unboxing video taunting the company. YouTubers say that only Hindi and English media houses and YouTubers have been sent Nothing Phone 1 for review. Simply put, this whole matter is related to not getting the review unit. Many users also feel that the company has actually written that Nothing Phone 1 is not for South Indians. Many users have told YouTube that no company should be maligned for not getting a review unit.


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