Britain: Rishi Sunak Ahead In The Race For Pm, Got 88 Votes In The First Round Of Voting

Recently, after the resignation of Prime Minister and Conservative Party leader Boris Johnson in Britain, the race to replace him has now started. Two British Indians are also involved in this race. Rishi Sunak of Indian origin is leading in the first round of voting … he has got 88 votes … due to which Rishi Sunak is currently on top, apart from these 5 more contenders are involved in the race for the Prime Minister. -Trade Minister Penny Mordent got 67, Foreign Minister Liz Truss 50, Chemie 40, Tom Tugendat 37 and Suella Braverman got 32 votes. New Finance Minister Nadhim Jahavi got 25 while Jeremy Hunt got only 18 votes .


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