Big Disclosure Of Four-time Olympic Winning British Athlete His Name Is Hussein Abdi Kahin Not Mo Farah – Mo Farah


Sir Mo Farah (Mohammed Farah) of England, one of the world’s renowned long-distance athletes, has made a shocking revelation. The athlete, who won four gold medals in the 5000, and 10000 meters at the London and Rio Olympics, has revealed in a BBC1 documentary that he is not Mo Farah, his name is Hussein Abdi Kahin. At the age of four, he was trafficked from Djibouti to England as a child laborer. The real Mohammad Farah is the step-son of the woman who used to make Sir Moh do all the household chores in an inhuman way (taking care of children, changing their clothes, giving milk, etc.). According to Mo Farah, when he was four years old, his father was killed in a domestic war in Somalia.

Relative only sold in England

Mo Farah, 39, says that he also has a twin brother Hassan. His mother Aisha, seeing the deteriorating conditions in Somalia, brought him to a neighboring country Djibouti relative, but one of his relatives smuggled him and sold him to England. He was sent to Isleworth (West London). He was admitted to the school named as Mohammad Farah, but he was fed up with the excesses of the house. One day he told the excesses happening to him to school teacher. After this, he was freed from there and handed over to a Somalian woman, Kinsi. She is his real aunt. He raised them.

Speak the truth on the behest of the children

In 2017 he was awarded a knighthood for services rendered to Britain. Mo Farah says that he had been hiding this truth for a long time because of the fear in his mind that his British citizenship might be lost. He had taken the citizenship of this country by lying. He is married to Tania, with whom he has two twin daughters Aisha, Amani and six years later Hussain. Farah tells that whenever his children asked him how he came here, he would have felt a burden that he was lying to the people of this country. At the behest of the children, he decided that he would bring the truth in front of the world, no matter how much he had to pay for it.

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