Ashoka Stambh Controversy Social Media Reaction After Shoka Pillar On The Roof Of New Parliament Building Inaugurated

Prime Minister Narendra Modi unveiled the huge Ashoka Pillar on the roof of the new Parliament House on July 11. The new national emblem on the roof weighs 9,500 kg and is made of bronze. Its height is 6.5 meters. Ever since the new Ashoka Pillar was unveiled on the roof of Parliament House and photographs have surfaced, there has been a ruckus in the entire country.

Social media is torn in two. Some are saying that the government has tampered with the design of the Ashoka Pillar, while some are saying that this is the original design. One group on social media is saying that earlier the lion was calm and now it is roaring, while another group says that the government is destroying the reality of the national symbol.

Opposition parties like CPI(M) and AIMIM have termed the unveiling as a violation of the Constitution. The opposition says that the lions are calm in the original Ashoka Pillar installed in the Sarnath Museum, while the Ashoka Pillar installed on the roof of the new Parliament House shows lions as aggressive. on social media #ashok_pillar_do_change Trending too.



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