Amar Ujala Investigation Exposes Huge Racket Of Social Media Likes Views Blue Tick Sale Amongst Newcomer And Social Influencers In Mumbai – Social Media Investigation

You will find many such people who have applied many times to get their account verified on Twitter, but got disappointed. If you get Bluetick on Instagram, then earning is also good. And, what is happening in the name of the number of views and likes of YouTube channel. ‘Amar Ujala’ got information that a big racket is working in Mumbai behind all this, these people are taking thousands of lakhs of rupees from budding artists for all these works and to increase their status on social media, people are in their hoax. Too much getting stuck. We investigated this whole scam and the truth came out.

‘Amar Ujala’ learned that there is a digital marketing agency at Agarwal Estate in Malad West Kanchpanda suburb of Mumbai which solicits money from budding artists and social media personalities in the name of getting their accounts verified. When ‘Amar Ujala Team’ investigated about this agency on the spot, no one around it knew about its name. The address given on the phone also found a board with the name ‘Future Green Enterprises’ instead of the agency’s name. The person named Abid Sheikh, who was contacted on the phone about this, was also not found here.

When ‘Amar Ujala’ spoke to a social media influencer contacted by a person named Abid Shaikh on behalf of Bollywood Star Media Digital Marketing Agency, the person who picked up the phone gave his name as Abid Shaikh. Abid Shaikh claimed that his agency can get anyone’s Instagram account verified for a blue tick for Rs 1.45 lakh. When asked how this happens, Abid said that she first gets an article published on an English news website of the artist concerned and then verifies the account with the help of this link. While making the deal to verify the account, the company takes half the money in advance and during this time does not even reveal the names of its old customers.

These days people are making reels on Instagram. It is said that many companies also promote their products by seeing the views from the reels of social media influencers and for this, these artists also get a lot of money. Bollywood Star Media digital marketing agency claims that it also promotes the views of reels on Instagram and the company charges 10 thousand rupees for 10 lakh i.e. one million views. The money is paid both in cash and by cheque, the business has gone so fast that the company claims to charge GST on it.

And, now the story of Facebook. Facebook and Instagram are both products of the same company Meta. This agency has made a setting like Instagram to increase the views and likes on Facebook as well. For this, the company has kept three packages, Silver Package, Golden Package and Diamond Package. In the silver package, 10 thousand likes and 10 thousand views can be bought by paying 20 thousand rupees. Apart from 10 thousand likes and views, there is a claim to get 50 thousand impressions and reach by paying 25 thousand rupees in the golden package. The price of the diamond package will be decided by negotiation, it claims to have five lakh followers, five lakh likes and 75 thousand impressions and 90 thousand reach.


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