Actress Sara Ali Khan And Jhanvi Kapoor Revealed Their Kedarnath Journey Experience Know All Details In Hindi – Koffee With Karan 7

Friendship with each other is not new among B-town star kids. We have seen many pairs of friends in Bollywood, who splash their lives on each other. One of these pairs is of Pataudi family’s granddaughter Sara and Sridevi’s daughter Janhvi Kapoor. Their friendship is not hidden from anyone, Sara and Janhvi are often spotted with each other partying and roaming around. In such a situation, this pair of both will be seen chatting with the producer-director in the seventh season of Karan Johar’s popular chat show ‘Koffee with Karan’. The second episode of this season is to be released today i.e. on July 14, in which Sara and Janhvi made many revelations. In these revelations, one such thing about Kedarnath trip of both came out, which everyone got goosebumps on hearing.

near death experience

Sara Ali Khan and Janhvi Kapoor will be seen laughing and joking with Karan in the new episode of ‘Koffee With Karan 7’ that premieres today. But when Sara and Jhanvi remembered their Kedarnath trip, Karan’s breath stopped along with both of them. Yes, something happened there with both the actresses, due to which their life was made. In fact, both of them, while referring to their recent Kedarnath Yatra, told how they both got stuck during the climb and were about to fall into the ditch on the way. On this trip, he had faced death very closely. Sara and Janhvi also told that both of them had almost frozen in the minus seven degree Celsius temperature there.

Sara-Janhvi survived till death

Sara Ali Khan, who was seen in the film ‘Kedarnath’, told on national television that ‘We had decided to go to Bhairavnath and there was a normal way to walk there. But, thinking of making our trip adventurous and considering ourselves to be more intelligent, we decided to skip the straight path and go towards the rocks. There was a slope of 85 feet, on which Janhvi decided to climb. Sara had said yes for this only because of Janhvi, otherwise she too was scared to do it. Both the actresses got stuck while climbing and both of them were not expecting any help there. But both of them got breathless when both of them saw someone coming. However, he was of no help to both of them as he was a fan of both of them and wanted to take selfies with them. After this, Sara’s driver saved her after about half an hour with the help of special forces.

and problems were about to increase

After escaping from the mouth of death, both the actresses had taken a sigh of relief that soon after that the weather took a turn. The change in weather added to the problems of both of them. Janhvi recalled Sara’s choice of low-cost no heater hotel to save Rs 6000 thousand, saying that ‘I traveled to Kedarnath with two thermals, one fur jacket, three shawls, two track pants and two sweaters. I had put on every one of my clothes and was still trembling. By the time Sara returned to her room after meeting her friends, Janhvi’s lips had turned blue and she was trembling badly. Not only this, the bathroom of the room was also in very bad condition. Janhvi said that if she sat on the pot of that bathroom, she would have broken down.


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